Use of online cash registers

online cashier

From 30 September 2016, or with this date already modified, from 1 January 2017, the government will extend the obligation to use online cash registers to additional sectors.
Car repair, maintenance, retail trade of motor vehicle parts, trade and repair of motorcycle parts, plastic surgery, operation of discos and dance halls, cleaning of clothing and provision of various fitness and exercise services businesses will be required to use an online cash register, and money changers will also need to connect to the online system.
The deadlines originally planned will not be met either for the re-authorization of funds already in operation or for the acquisition of cash by new obligors. The latter can no longer do this just because they could only buy a box with a new license, but one is not yet available. The procurement deadline for them has already been forcibly modified by the government and the participants in the new sectors have been granted a postponement until 1 January 2017.