Our services



Our experienced, continuously trained Colleagues carry out their tasks in compliance with the legal regulations in force at any time, for which the IT system satisfying all needs and up-to-date accounting and administration software provide the background. The corporate Microsoft environment guarantees data protection and data security for our customers. Our company has licenses in accordance with the regulations and valid liability insurance.

Our services:

  • paper-based and electronic invoices, receipts, for import into our accounting system, processing, accounting
  • electronic storage of complete accounting material (contracts, certificates of performance, invoices, payroll records, other documents, etc.)
  • VAT analysis and preparation and submission of VAT returns
  • preparation of periodic mandatory declarations, closures, reports, statistics
  • inventory of tangible assets
  • compliance with legislation and information
  • personal consultations
  • preparation of periodic and ad hoc reports company representation in case of NAV, OEP control by other authorities
  • Accounting for KATA


They need to create payroll accounting in line with current legal requirements and a constantly changing legal environment. Our experienced professionals take this burden off our clients ’shoulders.

Upon request, any Soc. Ins. (TB) payment center settlement will be performed with the current claim. In the corporate Microsoft environment, we guarantee the protection of our customers’ business and personal data, as well as data security.

Our services:

  • Payroll accounting (cafeteria on request)
  • TB settlement point settlement (GYED, CSED, Sick pay, etc.)
  • Freedom records
  • Keeping employment records
  • Preparation of contribution returns
  • Preparation of statistical data provision
  • Preparation of PIT returns
  • Preparation of notifier, change notifier (T1041)

Starting a Business

In Hungary, we undertake the establishment of a company from the planning to the start of the activity, in the simplest possible process, with the least possible burden on customers.

During the establishment of the Hungarian company, we give advice on choosing the most suitable company form for the planned activity.
In planning, we must take into account the individual needs of the owners in the design of the capital structure, ownership ratios, voting rights and dividend ratios. We plan the most optimal company and tax form and management structure for the activity. It is worth considering the solutions used by competitors, future plans, in the case of several divisions, their effects on each other.

In the case of establishing a company abroad, in addition to planning and conducting, we help to organize the reporting, controlling and other administrative tasks between the parent company and the subsidiary, and to find suitable local experts within or outside our own partner network.


One of the most significant cost elements for businesses is the tax. We offer creative legal solutions to tax issues for both individuals and companies. In the field of tax law, the appropriate expertise is provided by a colleague of our law firm.

Our services:

  • Assessment of tax risks: VAT, Corporate and special tax, Business tax, etc.
  • Representation in case of tax audits
  • tax optimization
  • New business, division, tax planning, tax structures, model development.
  • Individual consultation, advice


If your business is already required to be audited or or it becomes auditable as a result of a successful year, you don’t have to worry either. Our company offers a reliable, precise auditor, taking this burden off your shoulders. Our colleagues coordinate all processes with the auditor, saving a lot of time for our partners.


Our office also helps you find your way around insurance. Our task is to develop the most suitable of the diverse offers of the insurance market for our clients, with the involvement of a competent and reliable Insurance Broker company. We take over the hassle of time-consuming administration of insurance and also provide assistance in settling claims.

The main activity of our partner company is the organization of customer insurance protection, which means performing the following tasks:

  • risk assessment,
  • analysis of offers,
  • establishing optimal insurance coverage,
  • maintenance of insurance contracts,
  • performing insurance administration.

Their business goal is to manage the property, liability, motor vehicle, freight and personal insurance of companies operating in the industrial, commercial and financial sectors, and to fully administer their insurance. Our partner is currently organizing insurance coverage for business property worth more than one hundred billion forints.



Each business has its own unique characteristics and operational characteristics. A complex tax environment can often put decision makers in a difficult position when an external expert advice, consultation, process tax, and possibly employment planning may be required. Our trained colleagues are readily available, even on a case-by-case basis.


If you are registered with us, it is not a problem to prepare the data and lists needed to check the creditworthiness of a loan / credit or to take out a loan, and to fill in the forms properly. We keep your books up-to-date and complete. That way you will always know where you are. The basic statements / general ledgers are available to you after the accounting period.



Our company also helps you navigate the maze of law. As part of a consultation, we will review the available documents and evaluate the situation. We can offer a strategy developed with the involvement of the right experts. If required, we participate in the preparation and implementation of strategic decisions. We undertake to represent and prepare the client during official inspections and procedures.