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Every day, companies operating in Hungary have to fight to maintain their market position and to maintain their liquidity. In addition to the difficult economic situation, they must comply with significant and constantly changing administrative requirements, compliance with which is regularly monitored by the competent authorities. Alleged or actual erroneous performances and findings often result in disproportionately high fines and default interest. Penalties are often disproportionate to the severity of the mistakes made, so they can even take away a company’s full-year profits. In the worst case, they can even lead to unsolvable liquidity problems. It is a challenge for even the most trained professionals to follow the ever-changing regulations, and often the competent authority does not dare to take a position on certain issues.

Today’s business desperately needs a secure background in which accounting, employment payroll, and other administrations are prepared in compliance with current accounting rules and laws, where returns are submitted to the competent authorities by the required deadline. Where they produce the reports needed to make responsible decisions, from which decision-makers can be kept up-to-date on the exact financial situation of their business.

We know that employees have to deal with what they mean by being able to make the highest possible profit in a given market. The challenges of the present age can only be met by businesses where all areas are overseen by the best trained professionals. In a modern SME governance structure, all available resources should be used to maintain and develop their own market. And it is worth entrusting the entire background work to specialized offices. The accounting firm DKB Partner can provide a complete background for its clients. Whether it is accounting, HR outsourcing, tax consulting, auditing, tender opportunities, necessary liability and other insurance, or preparing a specific decision, we are at the disposal of our partners with a high quality service in everything.

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Be it payroll, TB is payroll accounting,
HR outsourcing, ormaking a specific decision
on what we are doing we are at the disposal
of our partners with a high quality service.


Occupational safety through our contractual
partner, health, fire and the environment
qualified colleagues are available to our
customers. We guarantee it through the
continuous training of our colleagues
up-to-date compliance with the law and
operation in accordance with the law.


More than 20 years of employment experience and
more than 10 years of TB payment experience.


Registered name
DKB-PARTNER Számviteli Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság
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1136 Budapest, Pannónia utca 19. 1. em. 4.
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Accounting, bookkeeping and auditing activities; tax consultancy
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+36/202228980, +36/305859568